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Play among us mod with unlimited coins, skins & pets that you get for free at the very start of the game..
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In today’s gaming era role play games are getting more attention than any other games, because it keeps you engage with your other friends online for a little while. Among us mod apk allows you to play online by either joining the already made public room or creating your own room of friends consisting of 4-15 persons. 

Among Us Mod APK Modded Features

  1. Always be an imposter
  2. Unlimited hats
  3. Unlimited skins
  4. Unlimited money
  5. Unlock all the pets
  6. No ads.

Among Us Mod APK  Always be an imposter.

With among us mod, you can choose to be an imposter anytime you want. It is totally up to you. Like if you enjoy playing this game, you can choose to be a crew member, and still, you will be able to use all the other Modded features of the among us hack version. So you will just have to select whether you want to be an imposter or a crew member. It is that simple. 

among us mod apk

Unlimited Hats

To make your avatar look cool, you can make him wear any hat you want. With the modded version, all the hats will be unlocked and be available for you at the store. You will just have to select and apply. 

Unlimited Skins.

Skins change the overall look of your avatar. They appear mostly in multiple colors, and you can easily pick any one of your own choices. Not a single skin you will find in among us mod locked. All the cool and awesome skins are already unlocked and available for absolutely free. 

Unlimited money.

Among us hacked versions get you unlimited money in the beginning. However, with all the other features already unlocked for free, you won’t need a single penny to spend on anything you wish to buy. 

Unlock all pets.

You can only unlock the pets if you are at the pro level. But in among us mod apk, you can have all the pets unlock in the very beginning. It looks cool when you are playing with the pets. It gives you an edge and leaves a cool impression. 

No ads.

Seriously, I hate the ads as much as you do. So I had made sure to make this mod ads free. I myself get irritated a lot when the ads appear in the middle of anything not matter if I am playing a game or watching any video. For the feasibility and good user experience for you ppl I had it developed with no ads.  

among us mod apk

This is what you get when you play among us mod apk. It will take you an eon if you try to reach this level by playing the non-modded version. But here you are. You can explore all this fun at the beginning of the game. Always be an imposter, unlimited skins, unlimited hats, unlock all the pets. And my favorite one no ads at the start, end, or in the middle of the game. 

How it plays 

Among us, Apk is an action game, unlike PUBg, Call of duty, or any other battlegrounds game. In this game, you will be in an airship with other online players who may have joined the same room where you play randomly through the internet, of course. In this mod, you need fiery eyes to detect the imposter who is there on the spaceship only to make you fail. Imposter in among us hack apk could be anyone who one by one will kill you, companions, whenever he finds one alone so that no one can see him and vote against him.

When the imposter murders the player and his dead body is found by any other players, he will call for an immediate discussion to identify the killer/imposter. Then begins the voting process; all the players will vote against the suspected player. Any player with the maximum votes will be considered an imposter and will be kicked out from the spaceship by the crew members no matter if he is the real murderer or not. Among us mod apk also gives the right to vote to the imposter who can trick in the game by voting against anyone. 

Among us hack is a confrontation game. As a crew member, all you have to do is complete easy tasks assigned to you and the other players by simply searching it on the map. The map in this game is so detailed, and it will give you a clear idea of your location and the location where you can find the task. The task on the map will be shown as a yellow exclamation sign. Tasks in the games are so easy; let’s say you have to discard the trash from the aircraft by pulling the lever from one place and the other, and your task will be completed. Other tasks in this game are also easy, like you have to match the signs, drag one object on another. 


There can be a power breakdown in the game while you are completing the task. This can be the golden opportunity for the imposter to find & kill you, so you have to be really careful. When this happens, make sure you run to your other crew member and be saved. Also, when the voting occurs, you have to be sure about the suspect you are voting against as your wrong vote may kick out the person who is not an imposter, and your crew strength will decrease. 

The imposter in this game plays a villain role, and he will keep trying his level best not to let you succeed. This game gives special access to imposter when it comes to switching places. He can use a vent pipe to go from one place to another, and the imposter has to make sure when he is using the vents, no one is watching him because he will be caught and be reported by the other team players. 

When you start the game, it will randomly select the imposter among the crew member. In my personal opinion, this game is more fun when you are playing as an imposter. There comes the best part of the among us mod. With the modded version, you can always choose to be an imposter. And as I told you above, what imposter is capable of, you can create chaos in the aircraft without being caught if you play with your wit. 

In among us mod hack apk, you can find various skin and take a pet along. However, this happens with the passage of time when you have enough money to make the purchases. Among us Mod allows you to purchase these awesome things in the beginning by simply letting you in the private servers, unlike its original version Among Us. The mod version of the game also increases the character’s speed, and you can unlock all the skins & pets for free at the start of the game. 

Thank you for reading the whole article. I hope the above details were enough to clear to ambiguities regarding the among us modded apk. If any of your friends are unsure about this game share this URL in your circle, let them know what this game is all about, and get them on board. Keep visiting this website regularly for the latest updates of Among us.   

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